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British Flag/American Flag Double Sided Throw Blanket

Elevate your home decor with this versatile British and American flag-themed double-sided blanket. Crafted from a blend of cotton thread and polyester fiber, this blanket boasts exceptional quality and style. Available in various sizes—51x71 inches, 71x91 inches, and 91x98 inches—this blanket offers multifunctional use as a sofa cover, decorative throw, or bedside accent. Its woven design with a star pattern adds a patriotic touch to any room, from the living area to the model room or even the piano.

Care instructions: To maintain the quality of this blanket, it's recommended to machine wash it at temperatures below 30 degrees Celsius using a gentle and weak cycle. Hand washing or wool washing is also suitable. Avoid bleaching, and when washing dark and light colors, it's best to do so separately. For drying, it's suggested to air dry in a well-ventilated outdoor area, as the fabric may shrink by approximately 2%-3% after washing.


  • Material: Cotton Thread + Polyester Fiber
  • Type: Thread Blanket/Towel Blanket
  • Size Options: 51x71 inches, 71x91 inches, 91x98 inches
  • Style: Plain with Star Pattern
  • Use: Home Decor, Sofa Cover, Bedspread, Model Room Decor, Piano Accent
  • Washing Instructions: Machine wash below 30°C, gentle cycle or hand wash, air dry in a ventilated area, avoid bleaching, wash dark and light colors separately

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