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Stratton Home Decor Chloe Wall Mirror

Infuse your space with elegance using the Stratton Home Decor Chloe Wall Mirror. This octagon-shaped mirror exudes sophistication with its handcrafted metal frame layered in a refined gold finish. Its stunning design sets a room apart, adding a touch of glamour and luxury to your decor. Perfect for enhancing the aesthetic of any space, this mirror brings both style and functionality to your walls.


  • Material: Handcrafted metal frame with gold finish
  • Shape: Octagon-shaped mirror
  • Dimensions: 31.50 W x 3.15 D x 29.53 H
  • Box 1 Height: 33.46 inches
  • Box 1 Width: 31.50 inches
  • Box 1 Depth: 5.11 inches
  • Box 1 Weight: 13.32 pounds
  • UPC: 7477135201443

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