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100% Cotton Chic Muslin Plaid Sofa Throw Blanket

Introducing the Junwell 100% Cotton Muslin Plaid Sofa Cover Summer Blanket - the perfect addition to your home, hotel, or travel experience. Crafted from natural 40S combed cotton fiber, this throw blanket has undergone strict quality inspection to ensure its high-quality and durability.

The four-layers construction of this blanket makes it breathable and comfortable, while also providing the necessary warmth to keep you cozy during spring and summer seasons. You can choose from three different weights - 1.0/1.5/1.95kgs - to suit your specific needs.

Thanks to its skin-friendly material, you can use this blanket without worrying about any irritation or discomfort. It's also easy to wash - simply toss it in the washing machine for a quick mechanical wash.

The Junwell Muslin Plaid Sofa Cover Summer Blanket is woven with a jacquard style and features a beautiful geometric pattern that's yarn-dyed with environmentally friendly dyeing technology. This means the color of the blanket will remain vibrant and won't fade easily, earning a high color fastness rating of 4.

With a chic tassel finishing, this blanket adds a touch of elegance to your bed or sofa, and is available in two color options - Calm blue or Lively bright Green - to complement your home decor. It's also portable and wearable, making it the perfect travel companion.

Whether you're looking for a comfortable throw blanket for your home or a stylish cover for your travels, the Junwell 100% Cotton Muslin Plaid Sofa Cover Summer Blanket is an excellent choice. Order yours today and experience the comfort and durable


  • Material: 100% natural 40S combed cotton fiber
  • Construction: Four-layers
  • Style: Jacquard with a geometric pattern
  • Dyeing technology: Environmentally friendly yarn-dyeing
  • Color fastness rating: 4
  • Weight options: 1.0/1.5/1.95kgs
  • Sizes: 59x79in, 91x98in, 79x91in
  • Colors available: Calm blue and Lively bright green
  • Use: Home, hotel, and travel
  • Season: Spring and summer
  • Features: Breathable, comfortable, skin-friendly, easy to wash, portable, and wearable
  • Finishing: Tassel
  • Durability: Strict quality inspection
  • Purpose: Sofa cover, summer blanket, and travel companion.

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