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Baxton Studio Winda Modish Shoe Cabinet - Oak Brown Finish

  • Effortlessly maintain a tidy entryway with the Baxton Studio Winda Modern Shoe Cabinet. Crafted from engineered wood with a charming oak brown finish, this shoe cabinet embodies contemporary design while offering functional storage. Its two doors reveal three shelves that accommodate up to nine pairs of shoes, depending on their size. The woven wood doors promote air circulation, preventing mold growth and ensuring your footwear remains fresh. With sleek black finished metal handles and polymer legs, this cabinet combines style with practicality, offering an ideal solution for entryway organization.


    • Origin: China
    • Ship From: USA
    • Product Composition: MDF/Metal/PVC
    • Color: Oak Brown/Black
    • Construction: Engineered wood, metal, polymer
    • Storage Capacity: Three shelves for up to 9 pairs of shoes
    • Air Circulation: Woven wood doors promote ventilation to prevent mold
    • Handles and Legs: Black finished metal handles; polymer legs
    • Anti-Topple Feature: Includes an anti-topple kit for stability
    • Assembly: Assembly required
    • Dimensions:
      • Overall: 26.3" High x 30" Wide x 13.1" Deep
      • Upper Shelf: 6.42" High x 28.03" Wide x 9.25" Deep
      • Middle Shelf: 6.93" High x 28.03" Wide x 9.25" Deep
      • Lower Shelf: 7.17" High x 28.03" Wide x 11.73" Deep
      • Legs: 3.74" High
    • Product Weight: 37.4 Pound
    • Package Weight: 1 Pound
    • Shipping: Ship from the US

    Additional Information:

    The Baxton Studio Winda Modern Shoe Cabinet offers a stylish and practical solution for keeping your shoes organized and maintaining a clutter-free entryway. Its contemporary design, ample storage, and ventilation features make it an excellent addition to any interior space.


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